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Front end focused engineer with a passion for building beautiful and engaging web experiences.

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From crafting pixel-perfect layouts to engineering backend systems, I'm obsessed with every aspect of web development.

With a strong foundation in building scalable and robust applications, I'm constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the web.

My experience spans from architecting applications to optimizing performance and from leading development teams to implementing code standardization.

With my keen eye for design and my expertise in the latest web technologies I'm ready to transform your digital product into something truly spectacular.

Let's create something amazing together!

Road map

Of my career

2021 Nov



Senior Software Engineer @ Lowes

  • Efficiently migrated A/B testing dashboard to a new system, architected application, identified suitable tools and libraries, configured CI/CD tools resulting in app performance boost by 40%.
  • Recognized with the Lowe's Excellence Award in 2023 for building a no-code A/B test platform.
  • Led development of REST APIs utilizing Node.js and MongoDB, optimizing data flow and processing speed for feature flags.
  • Led development of bucketing and audience evaluation for React.js and Node.js SDK that SPA integrates, accelerating runtime experimentation by 30%.
  • Implemented code standardization in data fetching, state management, caching, logging, analytics and testing.

2020 Apr


2021 Nov

Software Developer @ Cloudthing

  • Engineered Supply Vue's planner web app from scratch using React and Redux, also spearheaded the creation of reusable component library.
  • Built BRC's volunteer shift booking multilingual responsive web app, following WCAG accessibility guidelines, and in alignment with the UK government design system.
  • Elevated React application stability by testing with React Testing Library and Cypress.

2018 Dec


2020 Apr

Software Engineer @ HCL

  • Engineered corporate transport portal using React, enhancing user experience and achieving 70% reduction in support tickets, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Collaborated with UX designers to build a user-friendly responsive website using React with improved cross-browser compatibility..
  • Conducted code reviews, upheld code quality and test coverage, reduced 40% tech debt by strategic refactoring.

2015 Oct


2018 Mar

Software Engineer @ TCS

  • Migrated legacy TCS Survey web app using React and Bootstrap, improved performance and enhancing customer adoption by 45%.
  • Tested sites in various browsers and devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness.

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